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Gabriela Concha

Title: Open Pit

Project type: Photobook and documentary film.

Technique: 6x6 and panoramic digitalized negatives.

City: Cuajone mining camp, Peru.

Years: 2013 - 2017

Open Pit explores a mining camp located in southern Peru that is currently running and is home to approximately two thousand families. The main characters of the story are women, including my mother, that have lived in the camp for over thirty years. They don’t work for the company and cannot professionally develop freely since it’s a secluded little place, thus having to assume the role of housewives. The children of this group of women have left the camp to pursue a career, affecting more profoundly their sense of belonging.

In the photographs the territory is seen as an ideal landscape, with gardens overlooking the mountains, but where the affective assessment is easily lost by being unbalanced and monotonous at once, beautiful and in turn sad place.